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Zeitgeist - Significant (complete album sample pack)

Zeitgeist - tasteless pointless Significant (Glitchy.Tonic.Records)

All samples (everything) from the album's tracks are included in this package. They are well organized in folders for each track. Tempo and key notes included and the packs are for you to use them however you like...


This contains Kicks (all layers), basslines (all layers), all percussion stems (a lot of them), atmospheres, fx (a loooooot), etc...


You can get this from Bandcamp and the package includes the EP, two bonus tracks and all samples from the EP tracks. Purchase and download, the links to the sample pack are in the downloaded pdf file. Shoot me an email if something goes wrong :)

Eversince I (or my Zeitgeist project) became good enough to be presented to a public audience I was very intrigued by the idea to make my data available as easily and to as many people as possible.

So I started a net label, released tons of free quality music with this project and others of mine and also with a lot of other artists, I released tons of free remix packs too and also a few sample packs to complete albums or this One.

Label is called Glitchy.Tonic.Records.

Zeitgeist on Soundcloud

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