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I and the studio,
the studio and I...

Being a solo music maker, I started out doing mastering for myself, for friends and colleagues at around 2008. I quickly realized that I can do this very well.

One thing lead to another, I started renting out a mastering room and in 2010 I found myself running an actual studio business. It was the time of birth for  ANTI LOGIC Mastering.


Since then I'm far beyond my 10.000 hours and have established a well respected name in mastering.

I take great pride in offering a mastering service with a lot of attention and care, whether you need help with your hobby or your professional productions. My passion is to enhance, clean and optimize your music, making sure it reaches its full potential. Additionally, I understand how to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences, and I'm always here to provide honest and factual advice. At my mastering studio, you can rest assured that you'll receive a personalized and fair service, not just another anonymous mass-produced "online" product.

I don't specialize in a genre, instead I cover a wide range of music and audio productions from Techno & Psytrance, to Rock & Metal, Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter and spoken word. My experience and my extraordinary ability to listen carefully, and find the essence in specific genres, styles and their references, helps me to cover my spread out work and deliver super high quality products.

I'm also an advocate for sharing knowledge and "growing together", so please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, need an opinion or my help. I'm genuinely interested in your musical creations!

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