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(non)AI Mixing

Non AI Mixing - "Will non-AI mixing become the new vintage?"

I read this article today on Soundonsound, it's written by Jayne Drake and because I had never tried to envision the potential futures of music creation, I found this to be very interesting and a fun read. It might make you think about the the future, present and past of how music's made, it did for me. For now I hold the opinion that the human touch is necessary for us (humans) to connect with a piece of music and I think that also goes for further decisions after the production, decisions made in mixing and in mastering. We decide things as a result of thoughts and emotion, thoughts and emotions that we all know and can relate with, which a computer can't do, it only applies its algorithm.

"The year is 2030 and our musical lives are easier. Composing and producing doesn’t require us to be an expert in loudness units, know when to use an optical compressor or worry about gain staging. Intelligent DAWs have learned how to automatically mix our music using petabytes of cloud data, harvested from the best mix engineers around the world. Algorithms from the best mix engineers can instantly analyse the spectral content within our own recordings and offer world-class mixes at the click of a mouse[...]"

"[...]Back to 2017... It’s obviously impossible to know what the future really holds and whether AI, machine learning, algorithmic mixing and big data will change how we work, or want to work. Analysing mix stems to generate a world-class mix would be a huge computational task given the thousands of subjective decisions made within a typical production. But trends in music technology have sometimes been surprising in the past, so perhaps non-AI mixing will become the new vintage. Who knows?"

Again, this is not done by me, I just felt like this article is absolutely worth sharing. Everything in quotes is from the article. Check it out, it's short, a little controversial and you won't waste time on it.

Yours truly

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