Cut To The Chase with Amortalist / Nibana

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


...half nibana, half amortal.

...this edition of Cut To The Chase sets out to interview a friend who I respect very much for his ability to provide great productions, in a variety of music styles. The artist in focus this time is the french “enfant terrible”, Nibana / Amortalist, in real life simply known as Kevin.

Kevin’s musical touch turns everything to gold…*haha*...Something along those lines. But to give you a clue, Kevin has released Downtempo, Chill and Glitch music, as well as night time Psytrance and a “zenonesque” style album on Zenon Records.

The most recent part of his discography :

Nibana - Ask The Universe 2014 (Downtempo)

Nibana - Tales Of The Uncanny 2016 (Psytrance)

Nibana - Shūmatsu No Tani 2017 (Downtempo, Glitch)

Nibana - Earth From Above 2018 (Downtempo, Ambient)

Amortalist - Within The Singularity (Zenon Records) 2019 (Zenonesque)

Throughout the years, besides trolling each other, Kevin and I had many serious conversations and I was always impressed with his very thoughtful mind for his younger age. I’m convinced this mirrors in his musical creations. I wish I had been that way in my younger years. I consider Kevin an electronic music wizard - he will be too modest a person to confirm that - but I assure you, if you like any of Chill, Psytrance or that zenonesque style alternative Progressive Trance, you will like his work for sure.

Let’s get stuck in...

1. Kevin, how are you so down to earth? What is the secret? :)

Hey Rob. I guess that’s just an education thing. After loving and working in science fields it makes you quite pragmatic and put me in a perpetual quest for objectivity. The things I read, the things I listen to, most is quite grounded even tho many of my friends call me a hopeless romantic ahah. I take great pleasure in astute analysis, digging for more knowledge and more details about everything.

2. Which are the first memories that you have of music?

I remember the track perfectly, the first time I really got hooked on music was when my dad was listening to Sweet Child In Time by Deep Purple, in the car. It was my first gateway to rock and metal. Then it was all the video games music thanks to my brother. Especially Starcraft’s soundtrack when I was like 4 or 5.

3. Outside of psychedelic electronic music, what music do you keep coming back to for leisure-time?

I don’t listen to much psy-related stuff at home or in leisure-time to be honest. I listen to a lot of post-black metal, post-rock, nostalgic groups from my teens, electronica ambient, chillout and videogames scoring. Depends on the mood. I don’t listen to that much music really, I’m so often actively doing something or producing that I don’t really put music on top of it or in the background except when I’m driving or going to bed.

4. How did you develop an interest in the music you’re making and playing professionally today?

For Psytrance : I went to my first psytrance party when I was in highschool and I got high and hooked up on it, not really something unique eheh. For all the rest, I think that was mostly games like Mirror’s Edge (Solar Fields’ scoring) and the virtual world in general that made me fall in love with electronica, downtempo and all that sci-fi ambient genre. I already had one foot in the scene without even knowing those worlds were connected.

5. And did you come across any personally transformative events on that journey? Did electronic music offer any sort of “revelation” or “mindblow” to you on the way towards appreciating it? I’m not sure. Music has been part of my life for so long that I’m sure it was personally transformative every day, without me noticing. As for marking events, sure there were such events but I don’t think any really gave me a revelation shifting from not appreciating electronic music to appreciating it. I could say it was my first concert, my first high, my first big festival, but not really, I’m still pretty much the same. I’ve always been myself and the journey was just about getting more educated about the things I enjoyed and digging deeper. I’m young so electronic music has always been around since the day I was born.

6. Ultimately, what led you to becoming a producer/performer? I’ve always been doing music and learning instruments, but my “final push” into becoming a producer, was because of frustration. I was frustrated I could not tweak the things I was listening to to my likings, frustrated to be so passive, frustration has always been a huge trigger in my life. Professionalizing myself is just a way to be able to have more dedicated time and ressources to do more music as I’ve always done music for myself.