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Mastering into the activated Limiter, or...last things first

"What ? I start at the end to work backwards?" Yes, that is kind of how it works. All the tweaks that you make in mastering, during your session, you want to hear how they sound in the loud song, not necessarily in the "un-loud" song :)

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(non)AI Mixing

"The year is 2030 and our musical lives are easier. Composing and producing doesn’t require us to be an expert in loudness units, know when to use an optical compressor or worry about gain staging. Intelligent DAWs have learned how to automatically mix our music using petabytes of cloud data, harvested from the best mix engineers around the world. Algorithms from the best mix engineers can instantly analyse the spectral content within our own recordings and offer world-class mixes at the click of a mouse[...]"

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EQing applied with logic and reason...

[...]Intuition might lead us to slap that EQ on the channel and boost a frequency range to make something more exciting. But I think that's the wrongest approach when it comes to EQing. You gotta clean up your audio material first...and don't tell me there's nothing to clean[...]

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