In this story of yours, you are the hero and we are your sidekick. We have you covered so that you and your song can shine the most.

We are located in the exciting city of Berlin and have made a name for ourselves as a great solution that fits the budget and is all about the artists creations.

Anti Logic was created out of necessity in 2009 when I (Robert H.) started my music label Glitchy.Tonic.Records and figured that I was in need of good but affordable mastering. I was mastering my own and a few other artists’ productions before and realized I could do it really well. Fast forward and it turns out that we became a successful business and a high quality service which is leaving its clients very satisfied. Visit out review section for proof :)

I know very well that many artists and labels are looking for great and affordable mastering, so I made that my premise…

Try us out and get a free mastering sample of your song.

High END, affordable mastering

At first let us say that we have experience with mastering for Vinyl and Tape. We are not iTunes certified, but we know what is important in regards to itunes and other streaming platforms. We also create DDP images for CD replication.

We have made a name as THE mastering studio for a few labels, including Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Techgnosis Records, Pistolero Rercords, Erebos Records, iDirty and others. Anti-Logic have also worked for Jaira Records, Insonitus Records, Maia Brasil Records, Atomes, Hypnotic Instincts.

We have also polished tracks from artists like Minimal Criminal, Sensient, Hypogeo, Kasadelica, Mojo's Ears, Emorine, Filt, Kromagon, Dharana, Ben Rama, Luis M, MNGRM and many many more. While those are all electronic music artists, we are also working with bands as well as with singer song writers. There is not one domain we serve only. 

We have done well over 300 albums/EPs up until the end of 2018 and will continue to convince our clients as well as you !

M a s t e r i n g


In this story of yours, you are the hero and we are your sidekick. We have you covered so that your song can “shine” the most.


- can range from 20€ to 60€ per song
- dependent on different kinds of mastering
(stereo sum/stem mastering, *Mastered for iTunes, commercial or free release)
- dependent on potential discounts for multiple tracks

File Format Requirements PDF

*”Mastered for iTunes” means that specific file format requirements have been met in a master, for iTunes to put high quality music (quote: “Music as the artist intended”) on their platform.

Robert Hundt, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

You can hire me through Soundbetter, in case you feel safer with a “middleman”, for example in terms of payment. Just click Hire Me.

M i x i n g

In our two-man-A-team operation we specialize in EDM, Techno and HipHop. But we also have experience in other electronic music styles as well as Rock, Pop-Rock, Indie, Punk, harder styles.


Mixing with Anti-Logic will be done in a professional environment, including all communication necessary for the optimal result. We are using software like Studio One and Reaper and a diverse selection of high end processing tools which are mostly digital and a few gems of analog equipment. Revisions are included in the service.


Before you send us anything, let us talk about what you want to do and what we can do. Use our contact form or email.

E q u i p m e n t

I believe the only thing that really matters in mastering is the result. Therefore we can give you a list of things that we use but you are not going find any fancy or even fake fotos here.


I utilize…


iMac + UAD 2 Satellite / Focusrite Interface / ADAM Speakers 5 + Sub & BX8 / iPad / Big Knob / PreSonus Studio One / Cockos Reaper / Ableton Live / Elysia Bundle / Empirical Labs / Fabfilter / Klanghelm / Native Instruments / Slate Digital / Softube / T-Racks CS 5 / UAD / Waves Plugins

H o w T o


How to send something ?

You can submit files directly into our dropbox, simply click on Send A File and upload. In addition to that, please also send us a message that relates you to the upload. Or if you want to send us your download linksm use our contact form or email.

Mastering Format requirements:

  • bith depth of 24bit or higher

  • send in the same samplerate which you want to receive/which you want to release (44.1khz or something of your choice)

  • wave or aif/aiff

  • a bit of volume headroom in the file (around -6db advised)

  • no clipping !

  • no normalization during export

  • no big compression/limitation on the master channel

  • clean and clear file names à la "Artist Name - Song Name”

  • File Format Requirements PDF

...or contact us via this online Form For a Quote or Answers to your Questions.

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