Anti-Logic Studio

Mixing / Mastering / Editing / Restauration

Our Mixing... professional, high quality and fairly priced



In our two-man-A-team operate a specialist for Rock, Pop-Rock, Indie, Punk, harder styles as well as someone for electronic music styles and HipHop.

Mixing with Anti-Logic will be done in a professional environment with all communication necessary for the optimal result.

Free re-work until everybody involved is happy with it.



- 25€ per song (max 6 stems)

- 40€ per song (max 12 stems)

- 60€ per song


What format should I send ?

Typically all the stems that you have recorded which would be all drum recordings, bass, vocals, guitars, keyboards, etc. For purely electronic music tracks, let us stick our heads together and talk about it to find out how many elements it contains and how it best be mixed. 

How to send something ?

Send us something by dropping a message with a link. (Dropbox or similar) You can also use Wetransfer but we suggest you send the package to your own email address and then simply give us the download link that you received.

Why mixing done by a mixing engineer is beneficial.

You know what mixing is, right ? Otherwise I doubt you'd be interested in the service. But what you might not know is that mixing, done by an unbiased person that is not emotionally attached to a track/song like its originator is, will get you a result that is not influenced by the hype of the originator's emotions about his new track, his latest creation, his great new song.

Remember when we first started making music, we all made a couple of crappy tracks but were so high on emotions and hyped up about them that we couldn't see how crappy they were...until a bit later were we realized it's time to through them out of the window. We were lacking the right perspective, the right distance to our works and also of course the right skills. 

Although mixing is part of what we do as bedroom producers or as professional producers, it is happening on a different quality level when somebody dedicates a "life" to mixing and is busy mixing track after track, song after song, different genres. (admittedly! it's supposed to be that way)

An unbiased mixing engineer will likely have good mixing skills but also experience in market-requirements for your track/song and in different media formats and preparations for mastering.

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