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Our Mastering... professional, high quality and fairly priced




Our mastering service won't break the bank and will be done in a professional environment, with all necessary communication to build up trust into us and for an optimal result.

Free re-mastering, in case you're not happy with our first version or in case you need to fix something in the project, is of course included.

Our service involves pointing out critical  spots in a mix and what we think are mixing "mistakes”. It's then up to the client to decide what to do with our recommendations.

You can get "clean" mastering without coloration and with as few of our own fingerprints as possible or you can get a more colored version of mastering, if you desire what is considered a warm or analog-sounding mastering. Let's talk about it !

We have lower prices for free music releases.



- 25€ per track

- 15€ per track for free music releases

Download Requirements PDF

Download Requirements PDF without prices


How to send something ?

Send us something by dropping a message with a link. (Dropbox or similar) You can also use Wetransfer but we suggest you send the package to your own email address and then simply give us the download link that you received.

Requirements for a file to get something mastered:

Download Requirements PDF  //  Download Requirements PDF without prices

  • bith depth of 24bit or higher
  • at least 44.1khz (for a market standard) but other sample rates are possible too
  • wave or aif/aiff
  • a bit of volume headroom in the file (around -6db advised)
  • no clipping !
  • no normalization during export
  • no big compression/limitation on the master channel
  • clean and clear file names à la "Artist Name - Song Name

Questions ? Just ask us !

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