Anti-Logic Studio

Mixing / Mastering / Editing / Restauration

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mastering // mixing // Audio Editing // Restauration

..."fairly priced" is our d

irective !



Located in the exciting city of Berlin, Anti-Logic has made a name as THE mastering studio for a few labels, including Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Techgnosis Records, Pistolero Rercords, Erebus Records, iDirty and others. Anti-Logic have also worked for Jaira Records, Insonitus Records, Maia Brasil Records, Atomes, Hypnotic Instincts.

We have also polished tracks from artists like Minimal Criminal, Sentient, Hypogeo, Kasadelica, Mojo's Ears, Emorine, Filt, Kromagon, Dharana, Ben Rama, Luis M, MNGR and many many more. While those are all electronic music artists, we are also working with bands as well as with singer song writers. There is not one domain we serve only. 

We have done well over 140 releases up until the end of 2017 and will continue to convince our clients as well as you !

We are not only busy with mastering but also mixing, audio editing and audio restoration.

Anti-Logic as a mastering studio was started out of necessity when Robert Hundt (aka Radioactive.Cake / Zeitgeist / Munstrous / Dark Passenger) first started his record label Glitchy.Tonic.Records. It is a net label, no sales involved, only free music releases, but therefore no big was budget involved for mastering either. What did he do ? Exactly ! The adventurer that he is, he started a mastering endeavor, over time build a more and more proficient studio for his new needs, soon built a name with high quality results and then started to work on mastering for everybody else ;)