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Hey there


Since I founded the studio and started this page and forum, I'll be to first to introduce myself.


  • name's Robert Hundt

  • I'm mastering music since 2009 and turned it into my job in 2017

  • I started creating electronic music in the year 2000, run several projects and travelled the world with them

  • when I was a music producer and performer who did mastering on the side before, I have shifted that into the opposite now...I'm a full time mastering man.

  • I love working with other people's music and my clients tend to say that I "take special care"


What else?

  • I'm not from a rich family at all

  • I come from the north east of germany and I'm living in Berlin since 2003

  • I was working in A/V and as a live sound operator, which I still do on occasion

  • I'm a father, I'm a geek, I'm geniunely interested in a lot of things (audio or none audio)

  • when I don't work on music, I like to listen to Blues, Jazz, 70's Rock, modern guitar music as well

  • I listen to a loooot of podcasts for knowledge and education, like:


- The Fighter And The Kid

- MMA related podcasts

- Believe You Me

- Hardcore History


  • I listen to others for insight into the music industry and its personalities, for example:

- Recording Studio Rockstars

- Working Class Audio

- Six Figure Home Studio Podcast

- The Graham Cochrane Show

- Produce Like A Pro

- The Mastering Show

- Sonic Scoop

- Tape OP


  • I (try to) maintain a garden when I can and I shoot arrows to "come down"

  • I struggle making time for friends but at the same time, I'm happy with my work, even if it's a lot at times




My music projects: Radioactive.Cake:



Dark Passenger:


Robert Hundt - Mastering Engineer @ Anti-Logic-Studio Berlin "I will treat every master as if it’s determining your future…which it could."

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