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+ How is mixing done by a mixing engineer beneficial?

You know what mixing is, right ? Otherwise I doubt you'd be interested in the service. But what you might not know is that mixing, done by an unbiased person that is not emotionally attached to a track/song like its originator is, will get you a result that is not influenced by the hype of the originator's emotions about his new track, his latest creation, his great new song.

Remember when we first started making music, we all made a couple of crappy tracks but were so high on emotions and hyped up about them that we couldn't see how crappy they were...until a bit later were we realized it's time to through them out of the window. We were lacking the right perspective, the right distance to our works and also of course the right skills.

Although mixing is part of what we do as bedroom producers or as professional producers, it is happening on a different quality level when somebody dedicates a "life" to mixing and is busy mixing track after track, song after song, different genres. (admittedly! it's supposed to be that way)

An unbiased mixing engineer will likely have good mixing skills but also experience in market-requirements for your track/song and in different media formats and preparations for mastering.

+ Mastering? What’s it for?

It's the last chance for quality control. It answers the questions:

  • Is there no annoying resonances?
  • Is the mix well balanced?
  • What is the loudness and degree of compression which we are trying to achieve?
  • Is the mix working well for the loudness which we are trying to achieve?
  • Is the song without any unwanted clicks and noises?

And after the mastering process the same questions will be asked again, plus:

  • Does a song fit well with other songs on a record now?
  • What is the right format that the client needs/demands?
  • Have I dithered? ;)

A great mix will sound greater after great mastering. But a bad mix won't necessarily sound great after great mastering. But simply said, mastering will polish a mix up and make it ready for it's market. When it is done well, it will also deliver the right file formats and loudness requirements for the distribution platform.

How do I need to prepare my songs for mastering?

jQuery is a...

+ Is 24bit enough?

+ Is 44.1khz enough?

+ How do I submit files, EPs or albums?

+ Are revisions included?

+ How do you handle payments?

+ Can you master for vinyl or tape?

+ Can you master for iTunes or Spotify?

+ Where the f* is your gear list?

+ Can you create a DDP Image for CD replication?